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Private Tutor


Reading a Book

  • Middle School

  • High School

  • College

  • Graduate School

  • Professional School

Test Prep 

ACT, SAT, GRE, GRE Subject, MCAT, PCAT, Government Exams

We focus on strategy and content  to ensure highest possible performance for clients seeking admission to college, graduate school, professional school or professional advancement.

Getting Ahead

Study Skills:  STEM subjects are often complex and very detailed. Most students need some guidance on studying them.

Admission to College, Graduate or Professional School: More and more, this  process is guided by professionals. So a student without such guidance is now at a growing disadvantage. 


Biology (General, Genetics, Developmental, Anatomy, Physiology.....)

Chemistry (General, Organic, Biochemistry.....)

Physics (General, Elect., Quantum,Theoretical Mech......)


.Algebra I and II




Calculus I, II, III



Computer Science

Math may strike more fear in the hearts of students than any other subject.

We understand this fear and have brought many students from the brink of failure to proud success.  


"  Absolutely amazing!

        What a breath of fresh air! This tutor “gets” it. We left  the lesson feeling encouraged and hopeful. We will definitely use Kathleen again! "

— Rose from Mason, OH

" Extremely knowledgeable and patient! 

     Kathleen was awesome. Her knowledge of the material coupled with her patience, brought out a confidence in my son that I had not seen before. I highly recommend and will continue to use her services.  

      Thank you Kathleen! "

— Tricia  from  Cincinnati

    "Knowledgeable and patient teacher.

      She showed me how to be confident in myself. She's very patient and will walk you through every step.


Excellent tutor. "

— Jackie,  Dayton


   "Beyond my expectations!

    Avi's level of skill changed my (troubled) grand daughter's life.              

   When he first met her she was rude, almost aggressive in pushing him away. She was 16 and destined for a life of poverty and drugs. 

   Now she's in college and recently told me that she wouldn't have       made it through college algebra without his help -- years before!  "

— Judy from NKY


Your tutor will be a seasoned, professional science educator with experience teaching both as a tutor and as a classroom instructor.

Moreover, your tutor's enthusiasm for STEM subjects began in childhood and infuses their teaching today. 

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