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 We offer individual lessons as well as group lessons for up to three students. As the number of students increases, the price per student decreases.

       In planning your sessions you should know that the number of lessons per week does affect most         students' progress. We recommend at least two lessons per week with each lesson lasting 90 minutes.

        One Student


           $48/50 min.


        Payable one         lesson in advance


    Two Students


    $36/50 min. each



        Payable one         lesson in advance


    Three Students


    $28/50 min. each


        Payable one         lesson in advance

In a multiple student arrangement, if one of the students misses up to two lessons, the other students will be charged at their usual assigned rate. So two students who show in a three-student arrangement will be charged $28/50 min. After two lessons are missed, however, the rate will convert to $36/50 min. or the quoted rate for the number of remaining students.

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