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This page is devoted to STEM resources in Ohio and nearby Kentucky. The resources in the map of Ohio are directly involved in STEM education including museums that work actively with children. They are placed on the map in roughly correct geographic positions. Nearby cities are noted. Just click on the resource’s logo to be taken to the actual website.

For a more complete listing of STEM resources in Ohio visit Ohio Stem Learning Network. For searches of STEM opportunities not limited to Kentucky or Ohio visit  The Connectory+  It bills itself as the largest directory of STEM opportunities.

For more advanced STEM devotees, there are treasures throughout Ohio’s colleges, universities, cities and towns. In Cincinnati, for example, there is the Lloyd Library (botany pharmacy, natural history, medicine, scientific history and visual arts). Next door is  the Fire Museum of Cincinnati. In Akron there is the Center for the History of Psychology. Happy hunting!

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